DUI defense lawDriving under the influence of drugs and alcohol is not only unwise, but it is a very serious crime. This is because doing so can endanger your life as well as the lives of anyone who is unfortunate to cross your path. If you have been accused of this offense and you have no idea what to do, keep reading.

You need to go out and get yourself a lawyer right away. If you don’t have a bundle of money you will be offered a public defender. It would be in your best interest to decline their help and obtain the services of a private attorney. Finding someone who has extensive knowledge of DUI cases will help tremendously.

Never talk to anyone about your case when your lawyer is not present. They may word things in a strange way to trip you up and make you admit that there has been some wrongdoing on your part. You do not want to admit any guilt and have this information used against you when it is time to go to court. Even if you are totally innocent, you should never talk to anyone without a legal representative in the room.

In the event that you appeared to be inebriated because of some kind of medication you were taking, make sure that you provide a copy of your prescription to the court. This is also crucial for those who failed a Breathalyzer because they consumed prescription cough syrup prior to driving. While you may still be in some sort of trouble, it will not be as bad as it would be if you walk in with no proof.

Being accused of DUI is a very tough thing for someone to deal with. If you are in this situation, make sure that you keep all of these points in mind along the way.

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